End of Semester Updated Calendar

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Resources: Business Conventions and Grammar


Unit 3 Self-Assessment: unit-2-self-assessment


Most Common Unit 1 Errors

1)Not following Business communication conventions or proper letter format.

2) Paragraph Structure

  • main idea
  • claim
  • evidence
  • explanation
  • transitions

3) Writing to the Reader (tone)

4) Vague Language (grammatical errors or unclear statements)

5) Not putting the purpose/main idea at the beginning of the document/paragraph

6) Word Choices

The school (culture) revolves (centers or focuses) around sports and academics.

7) Redundancy


Key Chart for Unit 1 Comments

R? Why tell reader this?


OO Overall Organization
V Vague Language


PO Paragraph Organization
WC Word Count


MI Most Important First
RO Run on


EV Evidence
C Cliché


SP Spacing
S Inadequate



Subject Matter

FO Font Choice

______   grammatical error or passive voice



Unit 2 Calendar Update


Tuesday, October 13: What is a Pitchbook?   Workshop

Tuesday, October 18: Boardroom Pitch Practice

Thursday, October 20: Boardroom Pitch–  Bring All materials to workshop in Class.

**Please compose the first 3-4 sentences of your boardroom pitch include your exordium/purpose of the speech (what are you going to talk about) and narratio/background context (why you are talking)**

Tuesday, October 25: Present Boardroom Pitch

Thursday, October 27: Present Boardroom Pitch

Tuesday, Nov 1: Turn in SWOT Report, Pitchbook, and Self-Assessment in class (physical bound copies)


SWOT Report:
Audience- Internal to our company
Purpose– Analysis of the Company’s situation

Audience– client who has not signed with us yet.
Purpose– establishing our ethos/credibility– we have studied the situation and we know what we are talking about

Selfie Workshop Day

Meet with Partner/ or your department

Meet during class somewhere convenient

Take a selfie of you and your partner for attendance

Send selfie to me during class time.

I will be in Hall building from 9-3 if you have questions/concerns.

Report Reminders

  1. Follow form given in class
  2. Design document based on business reports (this is NOT a school report).
  3. Each section has its own page