Hello All,

Today we will be discussing what makes communication professional.

To begin, we will discuss the Herendi article as well as the two readings from Forbes and Inc.  What is business writing? What happens when it goes wrong? What might we want to keep in mind to prevent it from going wrong?

Let’s ponder this question: Is grass rhetorical?

Some rhetorical principles we will be discussing in relationship to this week’s readings:


Burke’s Pentad



Business Communication


Today we will be discussing what business communication is and the role of persuasion in the workplace.

Why is business communication so bad?

You won’t Land a Job If You Can’t Follow Directions

Business Conventions



  1. House Stuff: I will be taking pictures for my attendance app on my iPad, Tuesday, August 30, 2016.
  2. What is business communication? Let’s find some examples.
  3. What is persuasion? What are the basics of rhetoric?

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Screenshot 2016-08-24 17.27.20

4. How do we give instruction, direct, or ultimately, persuade someone?






Hello LMC 3403,

In this course, we will be not only producing business communication artifacts, but we will also be considering our rhetorical choices. For example, why do we place to, from, subject at the top of a memo? How do we determine our audience? What is business communication?

Every class day I will be posting here about what we will be doing for the day and a reminder of what needs to be done for the next class. Be sure to take a look at the course website regularly to know what will be happening.



For our first day, we will be doing the following:

1) Introductions

2) Syllabus Review

3) Email Writing

Write a professional email following the directions provided in class. You should introduce yourself and provide a brief assessment of your background in business communication (for example, have you done an internship?)

Attach the read the syllabus, fill out and attach the following document to your email: statement-of-understanding (2)