Unit 2 Calendar Update


Tuesday, October 13: What is a Pitchbook?   Workshop

Tuesday, October 18: Boardroom Pitch Practice

Thursday, October 20: Boardroom Pitch–  Bring All materials to workshop in Class.

**Please compose the first 3-4 sentences of your boardroom pitch include your exordium/purpose of the speech (what are you going to talk about) and narratio/background context (why you are talking)**

Tuesday, October 25: Present Boardroom Pitch

Thursday, October 27: Present Boardroom Pitch

Tuesday, Nov 1: Turn in SWOT Report, Pitchbook, and Self-Assessment in class (physical bound copies)


SWOT Report:
Audience- Internal to our company
Purpose– Analysis of the Company’s situation

Audience– client who has not signed with us yet.
Purpose– establishing our ethos/credibility– we have studied the situation and we know what we are talking about


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