Client Project

Client Project

Audience: GTAA Members

Objective: Convince them of the issue they are facing and propose a well-thought out, researched, logical, and organized solution.

Part 1

  1. Group Contracts

You and your group will create a group contract. Group Contract Template. This contract is designed to facilitate group work. You may alter most of the requirements and group expectations except for the procedures of penalization for failure to follow the group contract. Your group will print out and sign the contract and give the signed copy to Professor Smith. Due

Making Group Contracts

2. Executive Summary to Client  (one per group)

Write one paragraph (7-10 sentences) presenting to the client your group’s analysis of the situation and your proposed plan. Remember to watch word choice, tone, and organization in order to convince the client of the merits of pursuing this action.

Upload paragraph onto this google drive page.

Part 2

  1. Report 

Report will be similar to the SWOT report done for Unit 2. Description of Proposal HERE.

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Introduction
  5. Proposed Plan
  6. Conclusion
  7. Budget
  8. Experience
  9. Sources

Report needs to be well-designed and organized. It also needs to provide REAL evidence of the situation at hand AND the proposed solution. Numbers are always good to help clarify things, but the budget is not set by the client at the moment. Be sure to follow business deliverable conventions and edit for readability.

  1. Progress Report (each person in group)

In memo form (1 page max.), provide concise and clear information on the following sections: Background, Progress to Date, Work to be Completed, and Anticipated Problems.  Send memo to me via email no later than 5pm on Monday, November 14, 2016.

  1. Presentation

This presentation will likely be attended by GTAA members, so make considered choices about dress, organization, tone, and practice. The presentation needs to be about 15-20 minutes and everyone in the group needs to have a speaking part (the parts should transition smoothly).

  1. Introduction: Exordium/ State the purpose first and clearly. Then provide background on the situation. Preview the points that will be discussed in the rest of the speech.
  2. Body: Problem/Solution Comparison/Contrast
  3. Conclusion: Call to Action and Specific Plan
  4. Answer Questions: Class audience members should be prepared to ask questions. Group presenting should be prepared to answer.
  5. Wrap Up

Vocal Delivery: Pitch, Pacing, timbre, register, volume, filler words, Breathing

Nonverbals: Gesture, Stance, Dress/ Appearance, Staging, Space

Visuals: Slides are consistent, clear, cohesive designed.  The slides visually show progression in speech. Slides complement speech rather than carry it. Text can be used minimally.

6. Self-Assessment (you will be assessing you and your group)