Corporate Assessment

For this report, you will be working with a partner. Your boss has asked that your department research the GTAA and a potential problem facing them. In order to complete this report, you will need to research the GTAA, its local and global position, its industry, and any potential problems or pitfalls that might be facing the company. In other words, you are not just researching the company, but assessing it.

To begin, consider your audience. Who are you writing this report for? What is the purpose of your report? What questions can you think of to drive your research?

The design deliverables should include the client, the problem facing the client, research on the client and problem, and persuade your audience of the merits of your department working with the problem and client.

  1. Text Based Design— The first deliverable is a SWOT report using traditional document design.  This report will be about 5 pages.

This text document should analyze a potential client using a SWOT form of analysis.

Who is your audience?
What is your purpose?
What research questions have you considered or raised?

What is your argument?

How should the information be presented to the audience in order to best convince them of your purpose?

The report needs to include a cover page, an executive summary (1 paragraph), an introduction (approx. 1 pg), the main body of the report (approx. 2 pg), and a conclusion (approx 1pg).

The report should follow the design and genre of a business report.

Executive Summary

The executive summary should be written last and should provide an overview of the entire paper for your reader. Assume when writing the summary that your reader might only look at this summary and therefore, will need all pertinent information. This summary should be a paragraph of 7 to 10 sentences.

Your executive summary  should begin with an overview and introductory statement, which indicates to the reader (your boss) why they should read about the subject you are presenting. This statement should indicate the purpose of the summary. The summary should then provide the major points, claims and/or arguments presented in the report. The major points should be stated and briefly explained. Evidence of the major point should be given from both articles. Be sure to consider what points you are going to be making. Since you can not discuss everything, organize your ideas carefully. Keep the paragraph short. Complete the summary with a concluding statement which indicates to the reader what they should now do with the information. Remember that if your reader is your boss so a command or directive statement is not likely to be appropriate.

The introduction needs to indicate to the reader what the purpose of the document is and what is the topic up for discussion.  Provide your reader with background information on the company. Consider these questions: What is their history? Who are they? What do they do?

You may not want to answer all of these questions based on your purpose. You may also pose other questions.

Body of the Report
The body of the report will take the form of SWOT report.
SWOT entails an analysis of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Strengths (internal to the company)

Characteristics of the company that give it an advantage over others


Weaknesses (internal to the company)

Characteristics of the company that put the company at a disdvantage


Opportunities (external to the company)

Characteristics that the company can use to make improvements


Threats (external to the company)

Elements of the environment that could cause the company problems

Consider these questions: How efficient are they in their work? What are the main characteristics or corporate culture of this company?  What sort of environment does the company operate in? What’s the company’s relative size? What is it’s market share? What does its industry look like? How does the industry work? What is the company’s importance to its industry?

You may pose other questions based on your purpose.

The conclusion should indicate to the reader what they should do with the information given in the report. This space would be a good opportunity to introduce personal opinion; however, be sure to consider who your audience is. If your audience is your boss, than you are not likely to want to write something like: “You can’t do business with them”

What register should be used?
What language choices work best for conveying your purpose and ideas?

What does the reader already know about the circumstances you are discussing?

The Delivery

The document needs to follow the business writing conventions we have discussed so far (single spaced, no indentation).

The document must read as a cohesive whole.

The document must have a citation page. Please MLA, APA, or follow the method of citation used by journals in your field.

What affordances does the design offer? What limitations are you facing?

The report must expertly use design principles discussed in class and have at least 3 visuals infographics.

2)  With your partner, you will take the research you generated for the SWOT report to make a pitch book for the boardroom presentation. The pitchbook is going to be part of a presentation to the client prior to them signing with us. The pitchbook needs to persuade the  client of the merits of working with us without giving alway too many details.

  1. The pitchbook is a sales pitch often used by financial institutions. For the purpose of our assignment think of the pitchbook as the first stage for getting the client interested in working with our company. It is the initial pitch prior to making a contractual deal with the client.
  2. Be sure to have all the parts of the pitchbook
  3. Write this document to demonstrate to the client who we are as a company and that you have researched their company enough to know them and their problem well.
  4.  This document should persuade the client that you have the experience and ethos for giving them advice.
  5.  Document should be carefully edited.
  6. The style and layout of the document should be neat, professional, and consistent throughout.
  7. Pitchbook should be neatly bound and be ready to hand to the client.


1) Title Page:

2) Introductory Letter to Client

Reason for writing, questions for client to consider while they make their decision

3) Table of Contents

4) Issues/tasks Facing Client

What problem are they facing and what will they need to do

Companies in similar situations

5) Timeline of tasks

6) What are their goals/values?

7) Assessment of their situation

8) What have they done so far? Who is already working with them?

9) Overview of the client (who are they?)

10) Overview of the Industry (where do they stand in their industry)

11) Who we are

Generally, awards, what we do

12) Our Resumes

13) What we offer (generally)

Contact info

3) Boardroom Pitch:

After researching a potential client for the previous assignment, you (individually) will be taking what you have learned and creating a 3-5 minute presentation.

Audience: Your Department/ Company-at-large

Purpose: To inform/persuade your department about the problem facing the client. 

Message: Needs to be a prepared speech with at least 4-6 visuals.

Speaker: You will each be presenting your own speech; however, to make this activity effective and helpful, you will work with your group to present on different facets of the problem. In other words, you will each be doing your own interpretation or spin on the problem facing the client.

Speech needs to follow the speech conventions and arrangement (exordium, narratio, partito, confirmatio, refutatio, peroratio) discussed in class. Be mindful of vocal delivery (pacing, pitch, volume) and memory. Also be mindful of non-verbal communication (swaying, moving, hand gestures).

Four to six visuals.

2 Visuals must be NOT slides

Visuals need to accompany and accentuate the speech. Visuals do not need to be a powerpoint presentation, but can be any visuals that best help the listener experience the message (infographics, pictures, posters, movie/video clips).

I will be filming your speeches.


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