Since this course prepares you for entering into the business world, you are asked to exhibit professionalism at all times. Being a professional means actively participating by being engaged, prepared, and curious. Active participation means much more than just showing up to class on time, though that is a factor. All students should do all the readings, ask questions, and add to the class discussion on daily basis. In addition, all students will complete all assignments on time, arrive to class or conferences on time, be prepared with course work and materials, treat all other employees respectfully, and turn off all cell phones. The misuse of computers such as looking at Facebook during class time or iming friends is also considered unprofessional. Any of these incidents will result in repercussions, which will include first a warning and then a loss of a letter grade from your professionalism grade for the day. Any group work or assignments will have an accompanying professionalism grade, which requires group members to actively participate, complete work on time, and demonstrate responsible behavior towards group members and over the final product.

A:   Lively and consistent engagement in discussions; Applies and/or challenges readings; Engages with and/or motivates peers

B:   Actively listens in class and occasionally comments; Good collaboration with classmates; Prepared and participates actively in individual and group work; Sometimes tardy

C:   Tends to look disengaged; Might use phone or laptop for purposes not related to class; Often tardy; Problematic collaboration with classmates

D:  Sleeps in class; Rarely pays attention and/or is disruptive; Frequently tardy or absent; Unprepared for peer review or group meetings;

F:   Doesn’t attend class often; Sleeps through class when present, or disengaged; Disruptive and/or disrespectful to class/group

**Note: Just showing up to class earns you a C for the day. To get an A requires you to be present and active as described above.